globe salt
Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp (moon)

Warming the salt with globule discharges negative particles into the air, making an impact like an ionizer, purging the encompassing air Fills in as an air purifier by emanating negative particles into the air and light treatment to lessen push … Continued

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Himalayan Salt Pyramid Shape
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Salt Bowl Bamboo
Salt bowl bamboo shape with tock salt. it comes with cable and 15 watt bulb .
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flower bowl
Flower Bowl Salt Lamp
Salt bowl flower shape with rock salt pieces. It comes with cable and 15 watt bulb.
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Roll Glass Lamp
Roll Glass Salt Lamp
Roll Glass with 100% Himalayan rock salt . it comes with cable and 15 watt bulb .
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foot detox
Salt Foot Detox lamp
Himalayan Salt Detoxer is both a pleasing, natural work of art and a powerful tool for re-balancing, revitalizing and gently cleansing the body and mind. A soothing way to warm your hands and feet on cold winter days. They enjoyable sensation provided by the lamp, along with its visual stimulation, make it a perfect gift for those you love! Salt Dome Lamps help support circulation and reduce swelling in hands and feet. The Salt Detox Dome is easy to clean and care for. This sensational hand-crafted salt dome lamp doubles as a beautiful salt lamp when not in use for hands and feet, providing the perfect, soft lighting for a nightlight. It also helps to purify the air through the process of natural air ionization.
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Zigzag salt lamp
ZigZag Salt Bowl
Salt bowl ZigZag shape with rock salt pieces. It comes with cable and 15 watt bulb.
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