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About Saltlamps

We bring you the most exotic and the most authentic Himalayan salt from the foothills and caves of Himalayas.With the history of being 260 million years old, Himalayan salt contains more than 84 essential natural elements which are extremely important for the efficient working of human body.

We offer you the Himalayan salt products in all the ranges from small candle holders to big lamps.

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Salt Lamp Replacement Bulb
6x Replacement bulbs (15W) for himalayan salt lamps.
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salt lamp 4-6 kg
Himalayan Salt Lamp 4-6 Kg

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 4-6 Kg Himalayan Rock Natural Salt Lamp 4-6  Kg The Natural Salt Lamp is the most popular salt lamp. It is naturally shaped available in different sizes of height, width, and weight. The larger the lamp, … Continued

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Salt Lamp Replacement Electrical Cable
Brand New Salt Lamp Replacement Electrical Lamp Light Fittings 2 Metal Clip - Spare Cable 3Pin Plug, Black Electric Cord Set, Cable, Rocker Switch Dimmer Salt Lamps  Fittings Cable Plug Spare Lead Cord Set-Fittings with 2 Metal Clips. 3Pin Plug, Black Electric Cord Set, Cable, Rocker Switch Dimmer (PYGMY15Watt E14). Cable Length Approx: 1.5m with 3Pin Plug - Lamp Holder Height Approx:7cm Details of light fitting may vary All electrical component comply with CE European safety standards.
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natural candle holder pack of 2
Natural Salt Candle Holder (Pack of 2)
Himalayan Salt Candle Holders (Pack of Two)
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Latest Products

4 Angel Lamp
Salt Angel Lamps (Pack of 4)

100% Himalayan Salt Lamp Angel shaped All Lamps come with cable and bulb.

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4 Moon Lamp
Himalayan Moon Lamp (Pack of 4)

Himalayan Moon Lamps pack of 4 All Lamps comes with dimmer cable and two bulbs.  

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USB Moon Shape Salt Lamp

Moon Shape Handmade Design Pak Salt Mines Himalayan salt lamps are very much exceptional. These Crystal salt lamps are made by Natural Himalayan pink salt. Another quality of these lamps, these are hand made from Himalayan mountains salts respectively and … Continued

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GSS02 Gemstone Set Rectangle 2

A 15cm xx 3cm box with 7 stones in. Stones include: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Quartz, Red Jasper, Aventurine, Blue Howlite, Gold Tigers eye.

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