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Nature’s Gift ltd.t/a Saltlamps.ie

We bring you the most exotic and the most authentic Himalayan salt from the foothills and caves of Himalayas.With the history of being 260 million years old, Himalayan salt contains more than 84 essential natural elements which are extremely important for the efficient working of human body.

We offer you the Himalayan salt products in all the ranges from small candle holders to big lamps.

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All of our products are ethnically sourced and 100% authentic. Each product is made up of Himalayan salt coming from the foothills of Himalayas in the north of Pakistan. All of our salt products are hand carved locally in Pakistan by our team.

Machine shaping is avoided in those places to exclude the product from any impurities which may get added while putting the product in a machine. We also offer a wide variety of Crystal products in wholesale.

We use the finest of the Crystals coming from different locations (India, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Morocco) in each of our crystal gemstone products.

Saltlamps.ie initially started in Ireland in 2014 from a small retail shop. Witnessing the popularity and craze for Himalayan salt products, the company made its way to the ecommerce platform. Here, we offer you the wide variety of salt products at a very reasonable retail & wholesale price.

Himalayan Products

We are based in Ireland our Address is Click Here