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Manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Salt Lamp Products.
We were just blown away by the beauty and natural simplicity of the product. For years, the Salt Mines have drawn crowds of patrons who believe in the healing properties of the Salt Stone and the Salt Brine the mines naturally produce. This subterranean treatment, known as either Halo therapy or Spelaeotherapy, consists of entering Spas built into caves deep below the Earth’s surface, and sur-rounding yourself with the Natural Salt. Doctors send their patients to these Salt Mine Spas for their curative powers.

Some European countries now pay for these treatments under their Health Plans.At the time we were doing our research overseas, the buzz around the Salt Lamp was that it was a “home version” of the Salt Spa and that it could aid in curing aliments and diseases such as Asthma, Migraines, and Allergies. It was also promoted as a Natural Ionizer (performing the same function as a Sharper Image Ionizer), purportedly clearing the air of all the harmful Ions that were pollut-ing our breathing environment. Salt Crystals, dissolved in bath water, are believed to ease aching muscles while purifying the skin. Salt Bars are used to help reduce skin irritations including Eczema, Warts, Psoriasis and other skin infliction.

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