Frequently Asked Question

Q1:How it works?

Ans: Just place one in a room and plug it in. Even before the ionization process begins, you’ll be uplifted by the Rock Salt Lamp’s inner glow which is quite transfixing, especially in a darkened room. After twenty minutes, the rock is warm to the touch. Heat is absorbed by the Salt Crystal from a small light bulb discreetly fixed and concealed above its base in a hewn cavity, which adds to its mysterious charms.

Q2: Can I leave the lamp on all of the time?

Ans: At first leave your lamp on while you are at home, and see if the electrical cord gets warm, if so turn it off. However we have not had the cords heat up, when our lamps are left on for long periods of time, and many of our customers leave theirs on 24 hours a day, without a problem.

Q3: How long will my lamp last?

Ans: It will last forever. The salt used in the production of these lamps itself is 250 million years old, and should last another 250 million years!. Try keeping your lamp out of humid situations, such as out of doors, or near open windows in a humid area and it will last forever. If it gets some humidity, just clean it with a dry cloth and simply leave it on for a while-the heat will be enough to dry up the lamp. The only thing is that the bulb will fuse after a while. Usually if you keep the lamp on all the time it will last 1000 hours which is around 42 days, then you will need to change the bulbs.

Q4: Minimum on time for Salt Lamps?

Ans: Salt Lamps should be turned on for 2 Hours every day, this is the minimum they need to heat up and get to work cleansing the air. The bigger the Salt Lamp the longer it will need. If you’re not turning them on or lighting a candle inside, expect to have a puddle of water underneath within a few days. If you have an electrical lamp be very careful that the salt water hasn’t ran into the electrical component inside.

Q5: How will I know if the lamp is actually producing the healthy negative ions?

Ans: Our lamps have been scientifically proven genuine salt lamps. They naturally produce the healthy negative ions, and they have been laboratory tested. Depending on how sensitive you are to your environment, you should notice the effect right away, and more so as time goes by

Q6: What area will my lamp cover effectively, with healthy negative ions?

Ans:Each of our lamps covers a certain amount of space. Following table shows that how many square feet, a certain size of lamp will cover effectively with the healthy negative ions, however even if there are few of the healthy negative ions, you will still derive a benefit from them.

Weight of salt lamp
In Lbs)
Area size
(In m2)
1.1 – 2.2
4.4 – 6.6
8.8 – 13.2
15.4 – 22
39.6 – 55

Q7: Do Salt Lamps reduce in size or loose their ionizing effect over time?

Ans:No, as long as you do not place them in water, over time our Salt lamps will not reduce in size or loose their ionizing effect.

Q8: How do salt lamps differ from other lamps?

Ans: Salt lamps differ in two ways. It’s extra-ordinary beauty that’s basically the characteristic of rock salt crystal. And it’s health benefits. Salt lamps are properly researched to have many health benefits besides it’s amazing beauty.

Q9: Are Salt Lamps are good for baby child?

Ans:Himalayan Salt is actually one of nature’s best natural negative ionizers.Placing a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your baby’s nursery is one way to ensure, despite the energy usage, you are charging that room with lots of negative ions. These will help baby settle better, remain calmer and also induce a “positive vibe” for bubs when in that space. Additionally, negative ions help to alleviate the sluggish feeling caused by electro-magnetic radiation from appliances and wireless devices.

Q10: What is Salt Lamp made up of?

Ans: Salt Lamp is made up of Rock Salt Crystal, a beautiful base, an electric bulb and a high quality electric cable.