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Music for the Dolphin Experience by Medwyn Goodall


The LIFE STYLE SERIES is about giving you the perfect toolkit to pursue and assist a chosen therapy, energy or pastime. The music has been crafted to produce an ambience that allows the mind freedom for healing, visualisation and relaxation with consistent mood and texture.

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The ultimate for visualisation, meditation, relaxation, massage or healing, experience the enrgy of Dolphins. New techniques in sound create an ever flowing fantasy, a dreamlike, other worldly ambience. Music, like liquid sound, blends with the genuine sound of Dolphins calling and playing in their natural habitat. A soft ocean smoothly laps around you. Close your eyes and you are transported to a magical energy that will bathe your soul.
Track 1. Dolphin Energy……….26.09
Track 2. Sanctuary……………..23.38

The end of track 2 fades into pure Dolphin-Ocean sounds for the last 6 minutes, to allow you to emerge refreshed and revitalised.
Medwyn Goodall is among the most respected, successful and internationally acclaimed instrumentalists of today. Living a solitary lifestyle at home amidst the mystical beauty of Cornwall, Medwyn continues to produce music that is inspiring, expressive and heartfelt.


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