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Journey Through Time CD By Llewellyn


The tranguill ‘Tang Dynasty’ leads to the powerful and passionate ‘Armageddon’ LLewellyn allowed the intercession of the energies of purple healing-plates to guide his composition, rarely sleeping for more than a few hours at a time he has again crafted a magical & benefiting album.

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Journey through Time is visionary, with lively performance and gentle reflective moments. Llewellyn uses a kaleidoscope of intrumentation, multi-layering the sounds of acoustic guitars, piano, voices, strings, didgeridoo, rainsticks and drums to point her entracing beauty.

1. Time Temptress
2. Tang Dynasy
3. The Ancients
4. Time Waits for no Man
5. Travelling
6.The Teacher
7. True Spirit
8. To Armageddon

Total Running Time: 52 Minutes


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